FitFlop Crush Winter Toning Boots

fitflop crush boots black suedeFitFlop Crush Boots

FitFlop Crush boots are another of the great new styles in the new FitFlop autumn/winter collection for 2012.

Like the Dué ballerina pumps, these look nothing like toning shoes. They look, for all the world, like a pair of fashionable winter boots with a typical wedge sole.

However, just as with the ballet “flats”, the FitFlop Crush boot has the same “microwobbleboard” sole that you will find in all of the shoes in the FitFlop range.

According to FitFlop’s publicity shot, these boots are “ergonomically optimized” and bio-mechanically engineered”. What that means is that they are very comfortable to wear. You will be warm, cozy and very stylish this winter when you wear these boots.

And you’ll want to wear them a lot! The comfort of these boots, in combination with their chic and trendy good looks, means that you’ll be wearing them all the time – to work, and to socialize.

You’ll certainly get your money’s worth. You’ll also get the maximum toning benefit as you wear them as often as possible.

They come in Brown Sugar, Black (shown above), Bungee Cord and Chocolate. The upper is velvety soft suede with a crumpled collar. They would look fantastic with a winter skirt and thick woolly tights – and every bit as good with skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings.

Click here for more info on FitFlop Crush boots:

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New FitFlops For Autumn/Winter 2012

fitflop due ballerina flat toning shoesFitFlop Unveils Some New Styles For Autumn/Winter 2012

Summer may not be quite over yet (here’s hoping), but the footwear manufacturers have started to release their new ranges for autumn and winter already. FitFlop are, very definitely, best known for their sandals – but they have plenty of other styles in their collection.

Sneakers, clogs, slippers and boots are available – and have been for some time. However, 2012 will see a whole new range of non-sandal type FitFlop toning shoes that you can wear in the cooler weather without your toes turning blue and dropping off.

Have a look at the short video below to see some of the new styles:

As is normal, the new collection of FitFlops don’t look anything like toning shoes. You can’t see the slightly thicker sole – so nobody will have an inkling that you are wearing toning shoes, not even the foggiest idea!

The Shuv clogs have the sole completely hidden – and the FitFlop Dué ballerina shoes look like ballet flats! It’s not just that they don’t look like toning shoes – they actually look like flats!

You will be able to wear these shoes where toning shoes – or even standard fitness footwear – would look out of place. The ballet shoes would work, not just for the office, but for an evening out!

You’ll get better value for money (since you can wear them more often), you’ll get a gorgeous looking pair of shoes, and you’ll also get a wonderfully comfortable pair of shoes. They might even help you to get into shape! All things considered, there’s a lot to like about the new Autumn/Winter 2012 FitFlop collection.

It’s also worth checking if you can get a good deal on some of the sandals at the moment. The FitFlop UK site has some styles at 50% off – and the Amazon USA site also has some very good deals on selected styles just at the moment.

Obviously they are clearing space for the new collection – so it’s a good opportunity for you to grab a real bargain (if you’re quick)!

fitflop shuv clogs

FitFlop Shuv Clogs

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FitFlop Toning Sandals

fitflop pietra toning sandals silverFitFlop toning shoes started life as a small collection of brightly colored flip flop style sandals in the UK back on 2007. They were the result of a collaboration between Canadian born entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, and bio-mechanical specialists at the London South Bank University (LSBU).

They were an immediate hit and sold out rather quickly. At one time, prospective customers had to put their name on a waiting list to get hold of a pair of FitFlops.

FitFlops expanded their range due to customer demand and added sneakers, clogs, slippers and boots to the collection. However, it’s probably fair to say that, to this day, the FitFlop sandals are the best known offerings available in the range.

fitflop electra pewter toning sandalsFitFlop Electra and Walkstar sandals are particularly popular, but everyone will have their own particular favorites. Of course, you’re not limited to just one pair – and many people will own several.

That is one thing that you should note about FitFlops – they do seem to be somewhat addictive. Lots of people buy them for the perceived toning benefits in the first instance – but then buy additional pairs as they realize just how comfortable FitFlops are to wear.

It’s all to do with the special “microwobbleboard” sole, which helps to increase the contact area between the sole of the wearer’s foot and the sole of the shoe. This lowers the average pressure on the sole of the foot and makes FitFlops astonishingly comfortable.

The sole is also designed to provide the wearer with extra support, especially in the area of the arch of the foot.

Because the sole is thicker and specially shaped, it also helps to reduce shock and jarring whilst walking. Many people who have experienced problems with foot and ankle pain, or joint pain brought on by walking, swear by these shoes.

are fitflop shoes apma approvedIt’s also worth pointing out that FitFlops are APMA approved – so you can be sure that they promote good foot health.

All things considered, FitFlops are well worth a look if you’re in the market for a pair of toning shoes – or even if you just fancy a pair of bright, colorful and fashionable shoes.

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FitFlops For Men

FitFlops for menMen’s FitFlop Toning Shoes

If you’re under the impression that toning shoes are a bit of a chick flick, then you’re pretty near the mark. It’s estimated that something around 85% of all toning shoe sales are completed by women.

It’s hardly surprising. A shoe that helps to tone your legs and trim down the size of your derrière just by walking around as normal is definitely going to appeal to busy women everywhere.

The idea of getting in shape without having to go jogging around the park, without having to visit the gym, without getting all hot and sweaty – without too much effort at all in fact – is mouth wateringly tempting. However, whilst it’s perfectly understandable that women find toning shoes attractive, and whilst the female half of the population is absolutely the target demographic for these shoes, it would almost be unfair to exclude the guys completely.

FitFlops For Men

There is a small selection of toning shoes available for men. Skechers, Reebok and MBT shoes all have some on offer. However, they do look like toning shoes. The Skechers and MBT offerings have the big, thick rocker sole. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you are going to stick out like a sore thumb if you wear a pair of these.

The Reebok offerings look like high tech sports footwear, so that might no be a bad option – if you can get away with sports type footwear at your office or on a night out.

However, if you’re looking for a sort of smart/casual vibe, the sort of shoes that you can wear with a pair of jeans or maybe into a relatively informal office environment, then FitFlops for men might be a good option for you.

They come in a variety of styles; including loafers/boat shoes, sneakers, boots, clogs and sandals. Pretty much the same as is on offer to the ladies in other words – but in slightly more subdued colors in general.

Have a look at some of the styles in the FitFlops for men range below and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy:

FitFlop Men's Chukker Boot

fitflop men's kooper loafersFitFlops for men supertone sneakersfitflop men's gogh slide sandals

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Toning Shoes Don’t Need Thick Chunky Soles

mbt toning shoesMost people, when they think of toning shoes, will visualize a sporty type shoe with a thick and chunky rocker bottomed sole. Something like Skechers Shape Ups or Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes in fact.

That’s not totally unreasonable. MBT were the first toning shoes on the market back in 1996 – and Skechers were the market leaders from around about 2008 onward. It’s hardly surprising that many people view these styles as the de facto standard for toning shoes.

However, not all toning shoes have a sporty appearance – and there are some very stylish toning shoes available on the market today. Neither do all toning shoes have a thick, clumsy sole. All toning shoes operate on the principle of imbalance – but some manufacturers have elected to introduce this by other means than a thick, curved sole.

Reebok EasyTones are a good example of this. They use special air pods in the sole of their shoes to generate instability. The shoes in the Reebok range have normal thickness soles and they look just like high end sports shoes (which is what they are after all).

The styles available in the FitFlop toning shoe range are very fashionable and use a triple density material sole to generate the imbalance. This is certainly thicker than a standard flip flop type sandal – but it is much thinner (and lighter) than either the Skechers or MBT type of toning shoe.

In fact, FitFlops are very bright, colorful and fashionable. they could be worn with a wide variety of different outfits and in situations where sports styled shoes would look out of place. That’s great because you can wear them more often and get better value for money from your shoes – not to mention increased toning benefits.

You can even get FitFlop ballerina “flats” these days. They do have a thick sole, but this has been cleverly disguised and they genuinely look like ballet flats. Nobody will have the slightest inkling that you are wearing toning shoes.

fitflop due ballerina flat toning shoes

FitFlop ballerina shoes (patent cherry).

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What’s So Special About FitFlops? 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Them

FitFlop Ciela Slide toning sandalsHave you heard about FitFlops toning shoes yet? I’m not talking about standard flipflop sandals here – it’s not a typo!

FitFlops are a range of toning shoes (including sandals, sneakers, slippers – clogs and even winter boots) which have taken the UK and America by storm.

The basic theory is that, thanks to a specially designed “microwobbleboard” sole, they introduce a little extra instability when you walk in them. Your lower body muscles react by trying to restore the body’s natural balance – which means that they do more work than when walking in conventional footwear.

And that means that you can trim your legs and bottom down to size with every step that you take throughout the course of your normal day. No need to visit the gym, no need for any special training or equipment – just put one foot in front of the other like you normally would.

It’s ideal if you haven’t got the time for the gym – or even if you do have the time but just have better ways to spend it.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider treating yourself to a pair of FitFlops (and sooner rather than later):

  1. Makes exercising easy. Put them on and start walking – left, right, left, right. That’s it – no special training required, no special equipment – just put one foot in front of the other and let the microwobbleboard sole do its work.
  2. The microwobbleboard sole will help to activate your leg muscles for longer – which will help to tone your legs and trim your bottom.
  3. You will feel better. The special sole is designed to absorb shock and reduce joint strain. You’ll be able to walk far enough to get the full benefit.
  4. No need to visit the gym to get into shape will save you time and money.
  5. On the subject of money, FitFlops are great value. You can pick them up from $ 40 upwards. Other toning shoes cost a lot more.
  6. They look great. FitFlops come in a wide variety of styles – many of which are available in vibrant, funky colors.
  7. Because FitFlops don’t look like sports shoes, you’ll be able to wear them with a variety of different outfits – and in settings where sporty, fitness styles would look a little gauche. You’ll get more wear out of them, you’ll get better value for money from them and you’ll maximize your toning benefits.
  8. FitFlops were developed by bio-mechanical specialists at the London South Bank University (LSBU) in the UK. They have undergone independent testing at Salford University (also in the UK).
  9. FitFlops are amazingly comfortable to wear and to walk in. The special sole provides additional support for your feet and reduces the average pressure on the soles.
  10. Wear your FitFlops with confidence. FitFlops are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved. You can be fully confident that they are “foot friendly” and safe to wear.

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Skechers Fined For Misleading Advertising

skechers shape ups kim kardashian advertSkechers is the latest footwear company to find itself in trouble as a result of its toning shoes advertising campaigns. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decided that claims made on behalf of the company’s toning shoes – which include Skechers Shape Ups, Resistance Runners, Toners and Tone-Ups – were false.

The FTC alleges that studies which Skechers used to support claims made in their advertisements for their famous rocker bottomed toning shoes were fundamentally flawed and, in places, factually incorrect. The FTC also pointed out that two out of four studies which were supposed to prove that Shape Ups were good for you were conducted by a doctor who is married to a senior vice president of marketing at Skechers – a clear conflict of interests.

Skechers were fined $ 40 million. Consumers who bought Skechers toning shoes after August 1st, 2008, may contact the FTC for a refund directly – or they may visit this website.

Skechers continues to dispute the charges and says that it agreed to a settlement in order to avoid the legal cost of fighting lawsuits. Skechers also advises that it will continue to conduct additional studies.

Michael Greenberg, the president of Skechers, issued a formal company statement as follows:

“The Company fully stands behind its toning shoe products and technology and is permitted under the settlement to continue to advertise that wearing rocker-bottom shoes like Shape-ups can lead to increased leg muscle activation, increased calorie burn, improved posture and reduced back pain.”

Whilst $ 40 million is not a trifling sum, considering that toning shoe sales in 2011 ran at an estimated $ 1 billion, and that Skechers are the market leaders, it may not be a killer blow for Skechers. It would still be a brave man who tried to separate his wife from her Shape Ups.

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