Do Toning Shoes Actually Work?

It sounds great doesn’t it? Just pull on a different pair of shoes before you set off for work in the morning and you’ll be getting a lower body workout with every step you take. But is it too good to be true?

Here’s a short video of a piece that was run on the Today Show which had a look at three different toning shoe brandsSkechers Shape Ups, MBTs and Reebok Easy Tones – and trialled them on three normal women.

It’s quite interesting to hear their feedback.

The slightly more scientific results from the Reebok lab were also interesting. When all’s said and done, if all that toning shoes do is encourage you to walk a little further than you would normally, then that’s a pretty positive result in itself. After all, walking to lose weight is something that we can all do – and should do. It’s a very effective way to not only lose weight but gain a whole bunch of other, very significant and important, health benefits into the bargain.

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4 Responses to Do Toning Shoes Actually Work?

  1. Robert Bowmer says:

    Hi, Bought my Wife a pair of fitflop boots last xmas, she loves them and swears blind to me that they are working. I can’t see the difference though 🙂

    • tonedupshoes says:

      “I can’t see the difference though” – that would the wrong answer Robert.

      Something along the lines of “Yes darling, you look so much more toned/slimmer.” would go down a lot better I think.

  2. ingmar54 says:

    The shoes worked for me! I am 61 years old, and my but was getting pretty long and flat. After weariing the shoes for a while I look lifted and firm, and my leg muscles are more visible now. My daughter had nice legs, but now she has great legs (like a speed skater) and the shoes also toned and firmed her butt. They also toned my granddaughter’s legs. I don’t know why they seem to work for some and not others, but I am sure glad I bought them!

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