New Marks And Spencer Toning Shoes Compete With FitFlops

FitFlop Women's Frou Toning Sandals - Photo 1They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in which case FitFlop toning shoes must be really rather flattered just at the moment. FitFlops launched back in 2007 and were the first toning flip flop type sandals. Some stores were selling 4,000 pairs a week and many customers actually had to go on a waiting list in order to get their hands on a pair of FitFlop sandals.

Since then FitFlops have gone global and have enjoyed huge success worldwide. New styles have been added to the range which now includes sneakers, slippers, clogs and boots as well as the original sandals.

Women love the brightly colored styles on offer which, because they look nothing like fitness footwear, can be worn with outfits, and in situations, where sporty shoes wouldn’t work so well. Being able to wear FitFlops with a wider range of outfits means that wearers get better value for money and also benefit from increased toning benefits.

As is often the case with such successful products, there have been a number of lookalike shoes brought to market. Some of these were really rather low quality imports without any real research behind them. However, the latest toning sandal comes from none other than UK retailing giant Marks and Spencer.

The M&S clone sandals cost less than FitFlops and, to add insult to injury, are claimed to be 10% more effective than other “slimming” shoes. The sandals, to be marketed under the “Step Tone” brand name, are the result of research by sports scientists at Tubingen University in Germany.

The soles are designed to flex more than normal shoes, replicate barefoot walking and stimulate muscle activity. Whether or not FitFlop owners will switch to Step Tones in order to save a few pounds remains to be seen. However, M&S are well known for their high quality and fashionable products and may well offer sterner competition than the imitations seen to date.

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1 Response to New Marks And Spencer Toning Shoes Compete With FitFlops

  1. I had a lot of problem when it came to finding the right pair for my feet as i have a lot of problem in my back . After browsing through I came across FitFlops and I must say they have changed the way I walk . I used to walk and then take rest for some time as my feet would not allow me to go for long walks , but with this latest pair fit flop shoe my life is really better with very less stress and pain in my back.

    Would surely recommend them to others .

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