FitFlop Rock Chic Toning Sandals

fitflop rock chic women's toning sandalsFitFlop Rock Chic – Strictly Limited Supply

One of the big selling points of the toning shoes in the FitFlop range has always been the fact that they don’t look anything like fitness footwear. They look like bright, colorful, chic and –  let’s be honest – downright funky fashion shoes that will suit a smart-casual or Boho-chic look.

The FitFlop Rock Chic sandal has really taken that to the extreme. It’s encrusted with Swarovski crystals for a super shiny, sparkly and shimmery look – and it’s in strictly limited supplies. Mind you, with a price tag of $ 250, you might suspect that these won’t be selling out too quickly. Of course, if you like them and you want them, that might be a price worth paying.

FitFlop Rokkit Women’s Toning Sandals

FtiFlop Rokkit Women's Toning SandalsAs an alternative, if you like the look of the Rock Chic, but think that $ 250 for a pair of flip flop sandals – even ones that look that good and help you to get in shape – is a bit of a stretch, why not take a look at the FitFlop Rokkit sandals?

Every bit (in our opinion) as sparkly, stylish and shiny as the Rock Chic, the Rokkit sandals are covered with shimmering crystal beads on a soft leather strap.

Admittedly, they’re not Swarovski – but shiny is shiny right?

The rubber sole is exactly the same microwobbleboard toning sole that is used on all the shoes in the FitFlop range. Long story short – every step that you take in your FitFlop Rokkit sandals will help you to tone your legs and trim your bottom.

You get the same shimmering style, and the same toning benefits as the Rock Chic – but at a fraction of the price. The Rokkit sandals usually sell for somewhere between $ 80 and $ 100 and come in Black Diamond (shown above), Bronze Ore and Silver Nova.

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