Toning Shoes Don’t Need Thick Chunky Soles

mbt toning shoesMost people, when they think of toning shoes, will visualize a sporty type shoe with a thick and chunky rocker bottomed sole. Something like Skechers Shape Ups or Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes in fact.

That’s not totally unreasonable. MBT were the first toning shoes on the market back in 1996 – and Skechers were the market leaders from around about 2008 onward. It’s hardly surprising that many people view these styles as the de facto standard for toning shoes.

However, not all toning shoes have a sporty appearance – and there are some very stylish toning shoes available on the market today. Neither do all toning shoes have a thick, clumsy sole. All toning shoes operate on the principle of imbalance – but some manufacturers have elected to introduce this by other means than a thick, curved sole.

Reebok EasyTones are a good example of this. They use special air pods in the sole of their shoes to generate instability. The shoes in the Reebok range have normal thickness soles and they look just like high end sports shoes (which is what they are after all).

The styles available in the FitFlop toning shoe range are very fashionable and use a triple density material sole to generate the imbalance. This is certainly thicker than a standard flip flop type sandal – but it is much thinner (and lighter) than either the Skechers or MBT type of toning shoe.

In fact, FitFlops are very bright, colorful and fashionable. they could be worn with a wide variety of different outfits and in situations where sports styled shoes would look out of place. That’s great because you can wear them more often and get better value for money from your shoes – not to mention increased toning benefits.

You can even get FitFlop ballerina “flats” these days. They do have a thick sole, but this has been cleverly disguised and they genuinely look like ballet flats. Nobody will have the slightest inkling that you are wearing toning shoes.

fitflop due ballerina flat toning shoes

FitFlop ballerina shoes (patent cherry).

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