FitFlop Toning Sandals

fitflop pietra toning sandals silverFitFlop toning shoes started life as a small collection of brightly colored flip flop style sandals in the UK back on 2007. They were the result of a collaboration between Canadian born entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, and bio-mechanical specialists at the London South Bank University (LSBU).

They were an immediate hit and sold out rather quickly. At one time, prospective customers had to put their name on a waiting list to get hold of a pair of FitFlops.

FitFlops expanded their range due to customer demand and added sneakers, clogs, slippers and boots to the collection. However, it’s probably fair to say that, to this day, the FitFlop sandals are the best known offerings available in the range.

fitflop electra pewter toning sandalsFitFlop Electra and Walkstar sandals are particularly popular, but everyone will have their own particular favorites. Of course, you’re not limited to just one pair – and many people will own several.

That is one thing that you should note about FitFlops – they do seem to be somewhat addictive. Lots of people buy them for the perceived toning benefits in the first instance – but then buy additional pairs as they realize just how comfortable FitFlops are to wear.

It’s all to do with the special “microwobbleboard” sole, which helps to increase the contact area between the sole of the wearer’s foot and the sole of the shoe. This lowers the average pressure on the sole of the foot and makes FitFlops astonishingly comfortable.

The sole is also designed to provide the wearer with extra support, especially in the area of the arch of the foot.

Because the sole is thicker and specially shaped, it also helps to reduce shock and jarring whilst walking. Many people who have experienced problems with foot and ankle pain, or joint pain brought on by walking, swear by these shoes.

are fitflop shoes apma approvedIt’s also worth pointing out that FitFlops are APMA approved – so you can be sure that they promote good foot health.

All things considered, FitFlops are well worth a look if you’re in the market for a pair of toning shoes – or even if you just fancy a pair of bright, colorful and fashionable shoes.

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