New FitFlops For Autumn/Winter 2012

fitflop due ballerina flat toning shoesFitFlop Unveils Some New Styles For Autumn/Winter 2012

Summer may not be quite over yet (here’s hoping), but the footwear manufacturers have started to release their new ranges for autumn and winter already. FitFlop are, very definitely, best known for their sandals – but they have plenty of other styles in their collection.

Sneakers, clogs, slippers and boots are available – and have been for some time. However, 2012 will see a whole new range of non-sandal type FitFlop toning shoes that you can wear in the cooler weather without your toes turning blue and dropping off.

Have a look at the short video below to see some of the new styles:

As is normal, the new collection of FitFlops don’t look anything like toning shoes. You can’t see the slightly thicker sole – so nobody will have an inkling that you are wearing toning shoes, not even the foggiest idea!

The Shuv clogs have the sole completely hidden – and the FitFlop Dué ballerina shoes look like ballet flats! It’s not just that they don’t look like toning shoes – they actually look like flats!

You will be able to wear these shoes where toning shoes – or even standard fitness footwear – would look out of place. The ballet shoes would work, not just for the office, but for an evening out!

You’ll get better value for money (since you can wear them more often), you’ll get a gorgeous looking pair of shoes, and you’ll also get a wonderfully comfortable pair of shoes. They might even help you to get into shape! All things considered, there’s a lot to like about the new Autumn/Winter 2012 FitFlop collection.

It’s also worth checking if you can get a good deal on some of the sandals at the moment. The FitFlop UK site has some styles at 50% off – and the Amazon USA site also has some very good deals on selected styles just at the moment.

Obviously they are clearing space for the new collection – so it’s a good opportunity for you to grab a real bargain (if you’re quick)!

fitflop shuv clogs

FitFlop Shuv Clogs

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