FitFlop Crush Winter Toning Boots

fitflop crush boots black suedeFitFlop Crush Boots

FitFlop Crush boots are another of the great new styles in the new FitFlop autumn/winter collection for 2012.

Like the Dué ballerina pumps, these look nothing like toning shoes. They look, for all the world, like a pair of fashionable winter boots with a typical wedge sole.

However, just as with the ballet “flats”, the FitFlop Crush boot has the same “microwobbleboard” sole that you will find in all of the shoes in the FitFlop range.

According to FitFlop’s publicity shot, these boots are “ergonomically optimized” and bio-mechanically engineered”. What that means is that they are very comfortable to wear. You will be warm, cozy and very stylish this winter when you wear these boots.

And you’ll want to wear them a lot! The comfort of these boots, in combination with their chic and trendy good looks, means that you’ll be wearing them all the time – to work, and to socialize.

You’ll certainly get your money’s worth. You’ll also get the maximum toning benefit as you wear them as often as possible.

They come in Brown Sugar, Black (shown above), Bungee Cord and Chocolate. The upper is velvety soft suede with a crumpled collar. They would look fantastic with a winter skirt and thick woolly tights – and every bit as good with skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings.

Click here for more info on FitFlop Crush boots:

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